We had mad sugar cravings. We were in luck.

Avanaa is a bean-to-bar type of chocolate manufacturer. In having a hand at every step of the way, from fermentation of the cocoa to tempering passing by roasting, they manage to manufacture a product of an unquestionable quality. The typography layout follows an intuitive logic which allows the consumer to take notice of the origin, the weight, and the concentration indication of the cocoa. We had teamed up with an illustrator Cécile Gariépy in order to pay hommage to the noble and meticulous work of the growers. The logo and the visual identity take their inspiration from the fragments of a broken chocolate bar. The colour and the composition of the packaging give the product an unique and pronounced energy. Gloire au cacao!


  • Grafika, Packaging - 2018
  • AppliedArts Design, Visual Identity Program - 2018


Cécile Gariépy

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